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The teen years can be challenging - academic pressures, a social life filled with peers and parents, growing pains, and new types of rules and relationships. While it is a time to come into your own, it can feel like a real pull between the things you want to do and the things you "should" or  "have to do."


Therapy can provide a place and space for you to talk things out, develop emotionally, minimize self-criticism, and manage stress. Therapy can provide a safe, comfortable, confidential environment to keep you grounded while you make sense of the world, inside and outside of you.


Therapy can gift teens with the tools to better express themselves, learn to navigate life changes, develop a sense of inner strength, improve relationships with family members and friends, identify and self-regulate emotions, cultivate confidence, and prioritize safety and self-compassion. 


• Developing Self Esteem

• Parental Divorce or Separation

• Relationships and Sexual Healthy

• Being Physically or Emotionally Bullied

• Moving to a new place or new school

• Academic Pressures

• Dealing with the Pandemic

• Gender Identity

• Social Anxiety

• Identity Development

• Body Image

• Relationship to Food

Teenage Skaters
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