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   Canyon Mournings

8 Week Grief Group Therapy and Monthly Donation-Based Grief Community Circles with Erica Edwards, LMFT and Grief Educator

Trusting others to witness you in your grief can be incredibly supportive and healing. Give yourself the grace to explore your feelings in community and weave together meaning as you navigate your own unique labrynth of loss. The process of letting go is sacred and multilayered. Give yourself the gift of space to feel, tell your story, and grieve with others who are also navigating the road of loss.

Grief changes us. Grief transforms us. 

Grief Therapy applies to all types of losses.

a death of a loved one.

a heartbreak.

a challenging life event.

an illness or medical diagnosis.

a separation or ending.

a relocation.

an identity shift.

We do not "get over" grief. Instead, we simply learn to move through it,  eventually finding ways to integrate it into who we are. 

Grief is the array of feelings, thoughts, and sensations we experience internally after a loss. Mourning is the act of expressing and finding an outlet for the emotional pain.

Mourning includes talking about your loss and finding outlets to express your feelings. This process looks different for each person. I am here to deeply listen and hold your heart as you go. I hold space for both individual therapy sessions and community group circles.  Grief support includes art, somatic (body), narrative, and ecotherapy exercises, along with grief education. ​

Healing Happens in Community

Share your story. Honor your loss. Deepen your presence and peace.

Canyon Mourning

8 Week Grief Group Therapy

*Recruiting participants now to begin in January 2024

Ongoing Support and Grief Education

in Glen Park Canyon

Tuesday mornings,

11:15-12:15 PM

$80 per Session/ $640 for series

Canyon Mourning

Donation-Based Monthly

Grief Support Circle

Next Event: TBD

Located in Glen Park Canyon

Second Thursday of the month,

11:15-12:15 PM

Suggested Donation ($25-75)

Our Meeting Place

Glen Park Canyon, San Francisco

Canyon Mournings will be located in San Francisco's Glen Park Canyon. This gem of a location includes many hiking paths and quiet, protected spots to sit and chat. It is a short walk from BART and Muni, and has available neighborhood parking. Information regarding the specific meeting location is sent after you contact Erica. 

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