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 Walk  and Talk Therapy

Ecotherapy and the Healing Power of Nature

Walk and Talk Individual Counseling Sessions

Outdoor counseling sessions help you connect with new parts of yourself and the natural world. Through mindfulness exercises and immersive experiences, you will find ways to examine, understand, and approach your feelings and thoughts in a uniquely spacious way.

You’re invited to talk and move while you actively engage all of your senses, surrounded by the many benefits of a natural setting - the fresh breeze, the smell of damp leaves, the warmth of the sun, and the chorus of birds in the distance. This therapy approach is best for you if you enjoy in-person contact, physical movement, sweaters, and a bit of spontaneity. We never know how mother nature will surprise us!



Areas of Focus for Walk and Talks:

Stressful Life Transitions


Trauma Recovery



Relationship Conflict

Motherhood/ Parenting Stress

Ferility Challenges

Making a Tough Decision

Improving Self Esteem and Inner Dialogue

Reconnecting to an Art practice and Creativity

Identity Exploration

Our Meeting Place

Glen Park Canyon,  San Francisco

Walk and Talks are located in San Francisco's Glen Park Canyon. This gem of a location includes many hiking paths and quiet, protected spots to sit and chat. It is a short walk from BART and Muni, and has available neighborhood parking.

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