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Decluttering Within

Individual Counseling with Erica

Individual Psychotherapy with Erica

Decluttering Within: Cleaning Out Your Past to Live More Fully in the Present

Individual therapy can provide a safe space for you to explore your inner world with the support of a welcoming and insightful witness and can be a wonderful resource when you feel the need to expand understanding of your life and the various parts of you.

I am here to listen and keep you company as you tell your story and explore your emotional world. I believe therapy is much like decluttering a closet. We have to go through our stories and decide which narratives, relationships, and beliefs serve us and which ones may be outdated. We declutter so that we can make space for more self-love, more creativity, more joy and presence.

Every person has a different set of stressors and strengths, and your therapy journey will be uniquely tailored to your specific, individual needs.  


Areas of Focus for Individual Therapy

Relationship Challenges

Life Transitions

Trauma Recovery

Anxiety Management



Healing the Inner Child

Hoarding / Relationship to Belongings

Motherhood / Parenting Stress

Ferility Challenges / Family Planning

Making a Tough Decision

Improving Self Esteem 

Exploring Family Dynamics

Reconnecting to an Art practice 

Identity Exploration

Cultivating Mindfulness for Burnout

I specialize in therapy for Cyclebreakers

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The term "cycle-breaker" refers to a person intentionally changing multi-generational family patterns.

We repeat what we don't repair. Trauma that is not TRANSFORMED is trauma that is TRANSFERRED to the next generation.


You can be the agent of change.

Break free from the cycle of dysfunction that has been perpetuated in your family and carve out a new path for yourself and the generations to come.  

What are the steps for cycle-breaking?

• Identify family patterns

• Take a close look at your family’s history and your own experience within the family's relational system

• Decide to shift patterns that no longer serve you 

• Learn new  behaviors and set boundaries

• Make a commitment to your own mental health 

• Design and create new traditions, beliefs, and rituals for the family you are creating

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