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Whether you are feeling stressed, sad, alone, confused, stuck, or simply curious, individual therapy can provide a safe space for you to explore your inner world with the support of a welcoming and insightful witness. Every person has a different set of stressors and strengths, and your therapy journey will be uniquely tailored to your specific, individual needs.  

We are social creatures and heal best when we are in connection with others. I am here to be with you in whatever situation you may be going through. I'm here to listen and keep you company as you tell your story and explore your inner world. Individual therapy is a wonderful resource when you feel the need to expand understanding of your life and the various parts of you.


• Relationship Issues ​

• Life Transitions

• Anxiety

• Panic Attacks

• Depression  

• Grief

• Trauma Recovery 

• Creative Blocks

• Self Esteem

• Parenting

• Identity Exploration

• Career Paths

• Clarity of Purpose

• Relationship to food

• Hoarding & Space

• Family Planning

• Spiritual Inquiry

• Mindfulness Practices

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