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Sometimes, the most effective way to change the dynamics that are causing tension in your relationship is to first understand the ways our own family histories have shaped our assumptions about relationships. Yet, this exploration is also rooted in the "here and now"— how the patterns and tendencies of our past show up in the present, and how they are alive in the therapy room.


I take an active role in my work with couples, existing as mediator, challenger, and coach for all parties involved. In our sessions, I will work with you and your partner to help us understand your dynamic and get to the core of what is blocking connection. Couples therapy provides new skills for more effectively communicating your needs, listening mindfully, and responding authentically with your partner. I enjoy working with all kinds of couples.


• Communication

• Emotional Intimacy

• Exploring Sexuality

• Money and Finances

• Cross Cultural Differences

• Parenting Styles

• Family Planning/ Fertility Issues

• Premarital Counseling

Holding Hands
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